Parent Involvement

TMART depends on the active participation of its parent-members to manage the organization and to organize races and other events for the enjoyment of our athletes.
How Parents Support the Team
TMART parents support the team in two ways;

First, each TMART family is REQUIRED to help organize the annual USSA race we host.
• The USSA races in PARA are organized by the clubs that host them. All of these events require help from the parents of the participants. However, the parent-members of the club hosting the event do most of the work.
• TMART’s home race is vital to our club, and all families are required to volunteer in some fashion and help make it a success.

Second,  consider serving on our Board of Directors, feel free to speak to any current board member to see how you can become involved. OR, just fill out a form HERE and we are happy to be in touch with you.