Tussey Mountain and Pierre Lallement Memorial Slaloms


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Pierre was much more than just a ski dad—he carried the spirit of Tussey
Mountain, TMART, and skiing with him and shared it with all that he met. He
shared his joy of skiing with his wife Robin and together they passed that passion
to their two sons, Paul,and Luc both Alumni of TMART.
Pierre spent many days on skis on the mountain and travelling with the TMART
team—almost 50 days his last ski season—and shared his “joie de vivre” with his
many friends and colleagues on and off the mountain. His week and weekends
were filled with family, fun and work. He enjoyed the outdoors, especially skiing,
hiking, biking, sailing and walking the neighborhood nature trail with the family’s
pet dog Oscar!
Pierre was an employee of the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State
University since his return to his home mountain community in 2000. His rapport
with his colleagues was characterized by a refreshing balance of humor, candor,
and professionalism.
His family, colleagues, friends, and the Tussey Mountain skiing community sorely
miss Pierre and the great times we had with him on the mountain, sharing a
meal, helping a skier, and enjoying the success of family on the slopes. Pierre
was a man who realized his legacy and brought out the best in his family and
We honor his memory, his passion, and his legacy during today’s race.

The Pierre Lallement Memorial Slalom is named in honor of TMART ski dad, and
Tussey Mountain Ski Patrol member Pierre Lallement who passed away October
31, 2011.


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